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Tools to Help You be an Effective Advocate

The UNA-USA Advocacy Guide is designed to help local Chapters advocate on behalf of the United Nations.

In a world that is being transformed by globalization and cooperation with other nations, an active leadership role by the United States in the international community is critical. However, it is sometimes difficult to bring attention to the importance of international organizations like the United Nations that make this type of international cooperation possible. UNA-USA is positioned like no other organization to build a constituency for the United Nations here in the United States, which is critical to the success of the US-UN relationship.

This manual offers some basic tools that can help you be an effective advocate for the United Nations in your community and among the policy-makers that shape US-UN relations. We hope it will help you and your Chapter communicates your message in your local communities to reach local, state, and national decision-makers.

Through a multi-faceted approach using coalition building, earned media, and contact with local officials, you can help demonstrate that there does exist an active and concerned constituency for the UN and for US leadership in this organization.

The United Nations needs you to take action!

Advocacy Guide: