The Arms Trade Treaty

What to Know about the UN’s Efforts to Curb Global Arms Trade

United Nations member states overwhelmingly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty to regulate the trade of conventional weapons on April 2, 2013. Pushback from opponents of the treaty have resulted in publication and broadcast of numerous falsehoods in the U.S. media about what it would mean should the U.S. ratify the ATT. Detractors say that ratification will cede Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution and subject U.S. citizens’ arms to confiscation by the United Nations. These accusations are completely false. The ATT (or any other international treaty for that matter) does not, and cannot, supersede the U.S. Constitution, and the treaty regulates the international trade of arms; it would not affect domestic gun sales in the United States.

Falsehoods surrounding the ATT distort the peaceful intentions of the UN to regulate the illegal sales of guns across borders, including sales that end up providing arms to terrorists, child soldiers, and other criminals. Let your voice be heard; stand up for the UN! Below please find a fact sheet and recent news articles to help you learn more about the ATT. Please contact our Membership Team at membership@unausa.org with any questions.



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