Üsküdar American Academy MUN

Friday, December 6, 2013
Location: Uskudar American Academy, Istanbul

Date(s): December 6, 2013
Size: 500+
Registration Deadline: Late April
Conference (or School) Fees: $0
Delegate (or Individual) Fees: $175

About the Conference

The Üsküdar American Academy MUN program was first established in 1991 by Marie Gummersheimer as a club and for a brief time as an elective class. In 1992 UAA became a regular participant in The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). Over the years UAA has represented a variety of countries at The Hague, ranging from standard delegation countries to countries involved in the Security Council and ECOSOC. The UAA MUN club members have also served as Judges and Advocates in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), as well as chairs, co-chairs and presidents in various forums.

Through the diligent work of long time Director Suzan Oyhon, TIMUN became officially affiliated with THIMUN in 1998, and Ms Oyhon served as the first Turkish member of the THIMUN Advisory Board. TIMUN has continued a periodic reaffiliation review process by members of the THIMUN Board of Directors. Due to continued affiliation TIMUN adheres to the rules and regulations of THIMUN. The members of the MUN Club are proud of the high standard maintained by TIMUN. Each year the student leadership team is aware of the responsibility of continuing the tradition of quality set by those students who have preceded them.

One of the objectives of Üsküdar American Academy is to develop responsible and active global citizens. The MUN Club and TIMUN conference contribute to the fulfillement of this goal by broadening student awareness of the variety of issues facing the world today, from the perspective of other nations and cultures. Through the development of well researched opinions and practiced articulation of these opinions, students gain new insights, while learning how to compromise and resolve differences of opinions. Though the English MUN club remains the largest of UAA’s MUN Clubs, we now have MUN clubs in French and German as well as attend the yearly Turkish MUN conference that began in 2011.

As the oldest high-school level MUN conference in Turkey, in 2013 we will celebrate our 20th TIMUN and are proud on how the Model United Nations program continues to have a major impact on so many lives.


TIMUN presently has nine forums:

GA 1: Disarmament Committee
GA 2: Human Rights Committee
GA 3: Territorial Disputes Committee
GA 4: Environment Committee
GA 5: Legal Committee
Security Council
Special Committee on "Changing Traditions"
International Court of Justice

Contact Information

Executive Board

Selami Ali Mh., Baglarbasi
Istanbul, Uskudar 34664

+90 (216) 333 1100

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