[Webinar] So you want to work in international development & aid...

Northern New Jersey Chapter

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
This webinar will focus on how to get a job or volunteer assignment in international development. It is targeted to a) students (both high school and college) b) young professionals who may want to change careers and c) volunteers of any age. There will be a special emphasis on how to get a job, internship, or volunteer assignment with the United Nations.

Topics to be covered include education and experience needed, what recruiters look for, resume tips, interviewing, focus areas of international development, and more. Resources such as websites, articles, and blogs will also be provided. There will be time for Q&A.  The event is FREE but space is limited.  It will be held entirely online and can be accessed with any computer.

Presenter: Jayne Cravens 

Jayne Cravens is an internationally-recognized trainer, researcher and consultant. Her work is focused on communications, volunteer involvement, community engagement, and management for nonprofits, NGOs, and government initiatives. She is a pioneer regarding the research, promotion and practice of virtual volunteering, including virtual teams, microvolunteering and crowdsourcing, and she is a veteran manager of various local and international initiatives. She has been interviewed for and quoted in articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, as well as for reports by CNN, Deutsche Well, the BBC, and various local radio and TV stations. Resources from her web site, coyotecommunications.com, are frequently cited in reports and articles by a variety of organizations, online and in-print. Jayne received her BA in Journalism from Western Kentucky University and her Master's degree in Development Management from Open University in the U.K. She is currently based near Portland, Oregon.

Registration is required.  Please contact Donna Rosa at una.usa.nnj@gmail.com for more information or to attend.  Website: http://nnjunausa.weebly.com/

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