UMUN 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Location: Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Date(s): February 28- March 03
Size: 50-100
Registration Deadline: February 15th
Conference (or School) Fees: none
Delegate (or Individual) Fees: $75 USD

About the Conference

UMUN is an annual event usually to be held in March, over a period of three to four days and each year the UNA of Uppsala and the UF forms a host-team open for applications from any university student, of any nationality, with the task of organizing the events, scenario and sessions. Hence each simulation is prepared and organized by students, for students. Applications open for individuals outside the academic world is also more than welcome.
The UMUN 2013 conference will build upon the last 20-years work of negotiations and takes off from the 2012 Rio+20 meeting and the outcome document “The future we want” and the proposals made by the governments of Colombia and Guatemala, to set up new goals which are to converge with the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG:s) in 2015. These new goals, or rather the concept of these new goals, are called Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:s) and are to be built upon commitments already made such as the MDG:s and the Agenda 21, but also to be action-oriented and limited in number.


1st committee: Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)
Mostly will discuss the topic of military spending leaving the debate on nuclear weapons on the side.
2nd committee: Economic and Financial (ECOFIN)
The idea is to try to find economic instruments and solutions on the subject of creating groundwork for a “green economy”. This is where business meets its critics but also innovative and profitable solutions.
3rd committee: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)
The balance of gender rights and resources invested in the future generations is crucial for the implementation of SDG:s and is as such the 3rd committee’s topics for debate.

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