YMUN Korea

Friday, May 17, 2013
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Date(s): May 17-19
Size: 300-500
Registration Deadline: February
Conference (or School) Fees: None (only delegate fee)
Delegate (or Individual) Fees: $220

About the Conference

YMUN Korea represents a new frontier that allows for a global, international, and educational experience for all those involved. Last year, a group of ambitious students brought to Korea its first Model UN Conference from a leading American and Ivy League university. It was also the first such conference to have been formally established by a Korean university, let alone the prestigious Seoul National University. Last year’s conference was an enriching and powerful experience for delegates, immersing them in the complex puzzle of international affairs, and challenging them to understand and resolve some of the most important issues that face our world. Building upon YMUN Korea’s tradition of innovation and educational excellence, this year’s conference promises to provide delegates with a creative, thought-provoking, and rewarding experience.

YMUN Korea is based upon the Yale Model United Nations conference held annually at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. YMUN in New Haven is a world-renowned conference that has seen over thirty-nine years of success and innovation, and caters to more than 1,350 students participating from all over the world every year. YMUN Korea will select and expand upon several of the best committees from YMUN in New Haven. The Secretariat’s aim is to at once bring the excellence and excitement of YMUN to Korea, as well as focus on further fostering high-level debate and academic rigor. YMUN Korea will present delegates with an intellectually demanding but highly rewarding opportunity.

This year, we also plan on providing workshops on topics in international affairs, as well as informational sessions about Yale University and studying in the United States in general. We are committed to making YMUN Korea an incredibly enriching and valuable experience to everyone participating, both in and out of the committee session.

We could not be more excited to invite you to join us for the second session of YMUN Korea, and I cordially invite you to join us! Registration is now available and can be accessed under ‘Registration’ at the top of our website, at www.ymunkorea.yira.org. To learn more about our conference, please check out our View Book, which can be accessed under the View Book tab under Conference. I encourage you to contact USG Delegations, Jade Ford, at ymunkorea.delegations@yira.org or myself at ymunkorea.secgen@yira.org if you have any inquiries whatsoever. I am truly looking forward to working with you this year, and to meeting you in May.


TBA (General Assemblies of ~70 delegates, ECOSOC committees of 25-35 delegates, 2 specialty advanced committees of 15 delegates)

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Yale University
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