The following is a list of questions that have been regularly asked by attending teachers. We will continue to update this list of questions as new ones arise that we believe will be of assistance to other advisors.

Registration Information

1. Who can register to attend the MSMUN Conference? How do we receive an invitation?
The Global Classrooms International Middle School Model UN conference (MSMUN) is open to all middle and junior high schools in the United States and overseas. Schools do not need an invitation to be able to register. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis when registration opens in September.

2. What is the most number of students that can come from one school?
To make the conference as accessible as possible, we cap the number of participants from one school at 30.

3. What if we have more than 30 students in our class?
If an advisor is teaching MUN as a class and has more than 36 students in the class, they need to send conference organizers (gcmiddleschool@unausa.org) an email explaining the situation prior to the registration deadline. The group will be issued 36 spots during the country assignment process, and be given any additionally needed spots after they are available via the waitlist.

4. I am the advisor for many schools' Model UN programs. Does the cap apply to us?
Our registration system will only capture the registration information for one school per email address. Therefore, if you are registering multiple schools, you will need to have a separate email address for each school. The other option is communicating with conference organizers (gcmiddleschool@unausa.org) prior to registering and alerting us to how many students you would like to bring to the conference.

Conference organizers reserve the right to limit the number of students registered by a consortium (group of schools organized by one group).

Please note: If you are registering many schools from overseas, you will need to read the "Schools Attending From Overseas" section.

5. How many students attended MSMUN in the past? Where do they come from?
In previous years, we have had 1,200+ students, from more than 16 states ( including Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia)and six countries (Canada, Colombia, Ghana, Italy, Turkey and Mexico).

6. We tried to register before the deadline, but the conference website says it is already full and there is a waitlist. What now?
Please follow the instructions posted and add your school to the waitlist! We are usually able to offer at least the first ten schools on the waitlist spots at the conference during the initial country assignment process, or immediately afterwards. If your school is added to the waitlist in the first few days, and you are really hoping to attend, do send us an email. When we know how eager you are to come to the conference, we do everything we can to find a spot for you. Last year we were able to accommodate about 80% of the schools on our waiting list. Note: We will normally offer schools on the waitlist 8-12 spots, and not the maximum 30, in order to invite as many different schools as possible.

7. What if we need to drop/add the number of students coming from our school?
Communicate, communicate, communicate! While initially registering, please use your best estimate for the number of students attending from your program. We understand that circumstances can change and that one or two students may have to drop out of attending, for whatever reason. We will do country assignments based on initial registration numbers, and schools will have until February 11th to change the number of students attending and "return" spots to UNA-USA without penalty. (After February 21, 2014, each school is financially responsible for all of the spots they are registered for.)

That said, conference organizers will not be pleased if a group drops from 30 students to 8. If an advisor thinks that a school may drop a large number of spots from their initial assignment, they must communicate with UNA-USA as soon as possible (gcmiddleschool@unausa.org).

8. My students have little/no experience with Model UN and are worried about not being prepared enough to participate. Can they come as observers this year and participate next year?
This year, we are introducing leveled committees to our International Middle School conference. This innovative system qualifies each committee based on the level of experience we recommend for participating delegates. It is our hope that leveled committees can help beginners gain confidence and knowledge of the MUN process, while more experienced delegates can work at a more challenging pace.

For a variety of reasons, we do not allow observing students to attend the conference. We are strong advocates of active participation, and will do everything possible to help teachers prepare their students for the conference. The conference staff is specially trained to make Model UN accessible to our young students – rather than intimidating. Our experience shows that even shy or inexperienced students are actively engaged in committee within the first hour.

Schools Attending From Overseas

1. We are coming from a country that requires visas to come to the USA. Can UNA-USA help us?
Yes and no. UNA-USA will be happy to draft a letter of invitation for each participant in the conference (registered students and adult advisors only). We will send out an email in January asking for those schools that require such letters. Schools are responsible for requesting letters in a timely manner; requests made in late February or March will not be honored. Please be sure that students have valid passports by January to expedite the process!

Unfortunately, UNA-USA can not assist in contacting embassies or consulates, scheduling visa appointments, or any other procedures associated with gaining permission to attend the conference. Schools MUST begin this process early, as it can take many months for visas to be issued in some countries.

2. We are bringing many students from different schools to the conference. Does the cap apply to us?
UNA-USA encourages groups of international schools to attend the MSMUN conference. However, due to travel costs, experience has shown that groups registering a large number of students (75-100) also drop a large number of spots, which takes away spots that could have been offered to schools on the waitlist. Therefore, any group wishing to bring a collection of students from different schools MUST communicate with UNA-USA prior to registering to discuss the number of students they wish to bring. Failure to do so will result in an invalid registration.

3. English is not my students' first language. Is that going to be a problem?
Not at all. We have students and staff from many different countries, and we understand that some schools use this event to practice their English. English is the official conference language and all debate/discussions are expected to be conducted in English.


1. How much does it cost to attend to the UNA-USA MUN conference?
The school fee is $150. The delegate fee is $80/student. This year, we have increased the program from two days to three, and delegate fees have gone up accordingly. One advisor for every ten students attends for free, but any additional advisors are $60 each.

2. Is the total amount due at the time of registration?
No. We understand that schools often need time to raise the fees to attend the conference. The only amount due is the non-refundable registration fee of $150. We will send all schools an invoice via email in late October, with the total amount due by February 13. The balance can be paid by check, money order, or by credit card. (Instructions will be provided.)

Please do not pay for the full number of delegates attending at the time of registration unless absolutely sure your school will not be reducing numbers.

Country Assignments

1. Are countries assigned on a first-come, first-served basis?
No. After registration is closed (either on the registration deadline or once capacity is met), all country assignments are done at one time. Priority is given to schools that request unusual countries and countries that exactly meet the number of students they are bringing to the conference.

2. If we request a country on the Security Council, are we guaranteed a spot in one of them?
No school is guaranteed a spot on the Security Council. Priority is given to schools that attended the conference last year but were not offered spots on the Security Council for that conference. We can not guarantee being able to offer spots to all schools that request them.

3. How do I know how large each committee is?
The total number of countries and delegates in each committee is shown in the last row of the country matrix. A good rule of thumb is that the committees get smaller as the columns go to the right – the largest (the General Assembly committees) ones are closest to the country names, and the smallest (the Security Council committees) are on the far right. We strive to have a variety of committees and topics that will accommodate and interest any student.

Each committee is double delegation, meaning two students from a school will be paired up to represent one country in each committee.


1. Where is the Global Classrooms International Middle School Model UN conference held?
The conference is held in New York City, at the UN Headquarters and Grand Hyatt hotel in midtown Manhattan. Opening Ceremonies will be held on Friday afternoon at the General Assembly Hall of the UN. Committee sessions will be held on Friday and Saturday at the Grand Hyatt New York, the official conference hotel.

2. What will happen for lunch on Saturday now, since it used to be provided at the UN?
We will dismiss committees for 1.5 hours and students will be on their own for lunch. The conference program will have a list of about 50 places in a 3 block radius where groups can find a reasonably priced lunch. The Grand Hyatt is connected to Grand Central station, which has a large food court downstairs.

3. Does our group have to stay at the Grand Hyatt hotel?
No, but it is strongly encouraged. We work to negotiate a very reasonable rate for our attendees. Information about how to make hotel reservations at the Grand Hyatt will be posted in the fall. Up to four students can be accommodated in each double room.

Note: After the reservation instructions are posted, don't wait to make reservations! Our room block fills up quickly!


1. What are deadlines I need to know about?
All major deadlines are listed on the conference timeline.

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