Peacekeeping Unit

PeacekeepingThe Peacekeeping unit, the first installment in the Global Classrooms curriculum series, offered a comprehensive introduction to the United Nations and the Model UN experience. The Peacekeeping unit was designed for classes with little or no Model UN experience. The unit included a Teacher's Guide binder, which offered 11 step-by-step lesson plans, a glossary of UN terms, an expansive Internet research listing, substantive background information on four hypothetical global conflicts and relevant country positions.

UNA-USA also offers consumable student resources aligned to lessons in the unit's Teacher's Guide. These student workbooks include worksheets, graphic organizers, preparation tips and research information.

The unit culminated in an exciting simulation of the UN Security Council. Four different scenarios focus on on-going conflicts or emergency situations and require students to negotiate with other nations in order to resolve the situation. The scenarios were based on actual events, although fictional developments have been added to escalate the crisis for the simulation. Scenarios ranged from a border dispute between India and Pakistan to a military confrontation between two major powers, China and the United States.

Curriculum Lesson Plans

All lessons were aligned with standards in:

  • Social studies (from the National Council for Social Studies);
  • English language arts (from the International Reading Association/National Council for Teachers of English);
  • Geography (from the National Geography Content Standards); and
  • Civics and government (from the US Department of Education).
In conjunction with the lessons, the Resources section provides extra support materials, templates, a glossary of terms and acronyms, and additional Model UN links.

Given the ever changing and continually evolving dynamics of the international landscape, Global Classrooms is in the process of revising and updating this curriculum unit to reflect important progress and developments in the area of Peacekeeping. In the meantime, please feel free to download the Sample Peacekeeping Unit Table of Contents and a sample Lesson with accompanying Student Workbook excerpts.
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