Global Classrooms: Beijing Teacher Training
The Global Classrooms: Beijing teacher training, hosted by the Overseas Exchange Center of Peking University and facilitated by UNA-USA was a great success.

From the Staff

Training Materials

The "Planning a Model UN Conference" PowerPoint presentation offers important logistical tips for conference planners, from estimating general venue costs and selecting staff members to enlisting the help of fellow Model UN enthusiasts such as teachers. This presentation also explains the responsibilities of staff members, and explains how to structure conference committees and select topics according to actual UN organs.

The "Planning a Model UN Conference" PDF offers a detailed checklist for conference planners. Students and advisors planning a Model UN Conference can begin to organize their logistics and conference details with this document, which includes such tips as how to budget break a budget into line items like marketing and venue costs. This document details the responsibilities of Model UN staff members and offers a list of background guide topics available from the United Nations Association of the USA.

Participating Schools

  • High School of Peking University
  • Beijing Huiwen High School
  • No. 2 Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal University
  • The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University
  • The High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University
  • Beijing No. 2 Middle School
  • Beijing No. 5 Senior High School
  • Beijing No. 4 Middle School
  • Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School
  • Fuzhou No. 1 Middle School, Fujian Province
  • High School Affiliated to Fudan University
  • Guangzhou Zhixin High School
  • Harbin No. 3 Middle School
  • Hangzhou Foreign Languages School
  • No. 2 Secondary School attached to ECNU
  • Jinling High School
  • High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University
  • Nanjing Foreign Language School
  • Ningbo Xiaoshi High School
  • Qingdao No. 2 Middle School
  • The High School Attached to Tsinghua University
  • Shanghai Pinghe School
  • Shanghai Foreign Language School
  • Shenzhen Middle School
  • Taiyuan Foreign Languages School
  • Tianjin Yaohua High School
  • Tianjin High School
  • Wuhan Foreign language School
  • Yali Middle School
  • The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
  • Middle School Attached to Xi'an Jiang Tong University
  • Jiujiang No. 1 Middle School
  • North East Yucai School
  • Beijing October 1st School
  • Kong Jiang High School of Shanghai
  • High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Lanzhou No. 1 Middle School
  • Beijing No. 12 High School
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