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Fill out this form with the details of your Campus Advocates group so we can add you to the growing list of campuses across the nation!

Are you passionate about the future of international affairs and ready to take action? Ask yourself a few questions and you’ll take the first step toward becoming a Campus Advocate:

  1. What global problems do I care about solving? Check here to learn more about today’s most pressing issues.
  2. Do I feel people in my community would benefit from increased awareness of these problems and possible solutions?
  3. How can I spread the word and advocate on behalf of those affected by these issues?
If you find yourself wanting answers to these questions, you’re ready to get started! You can act as an individual or form an organization on your campus to become an official UNA-USA Campus Advocates group. View our Getting Started and Issues guide here.

WHO is a Campus Advocate?

gen_un_image_1Students like you are educated, informed, inspired, and ready to lead the next generation of United Nations advocates across the nation. Campus Advocates are students who strengthen the UN by advocating on its behalf (and for the issues it addresses) to their communities and elected leaders. 

WHY start a Campus Advocates group?

gen-un-225-149The power of one is great, but the power of many is even greater. When we act collectively, our voices are amplified to a level that spreads our message far and wide. By joining together to form a Campus Advocates group at your school, you can reach more people in your community, communicate more effectively to elected leaders, and be a better advocate for the United Nations.

HOW do I start?

gen_un_image_3Ready to leverage your position as a student to spread the word about the vital work of the UN? Getting started is easy! Check out our requirements for becoming an official Campus Advocates group, our start-up guide, and other resources. Questions? Contact UNA-USA’s Monika Johnson anytime at mjohnson@unausa.org.

To become an officially recognized group, follow three easy steps:

  1. Get 10 students to sign up for free student memberships at www.unausa.org/studentmembership.
  2. Have one leader of your group fill out this form with the details of your group so we can add you to the growing list of campuses across the nation.
  3. Meet any of your school’s student life requirements, such as finding a faculty advisor or submitting bylaws. 
  4. Hit the ground running!
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