Special MDG Conference Call as Part of Momentum1000

April 11, 2013

The call was held Friday, April 5 and featured Minh-Thu Pham, Public Policy Director, United Nations Foundation. The call lasted nearly 40 minutes where Minh-Thu set the scene on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and then took questions from the audience.

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Minh-Thu focused her attention on the difficulties in achieving the MDGs, the implications succeeding such goals, and outlined what the post-2015 international collective action goals might be. She painted the audience a picture of what must be done in the next 1,000 days for the expectations of the Goals to be met. She highlighted Momentum1000, bringing attention to the significance of the occasion. She stressed that if we wish to achieve the MDGs - civil society, governments, and philanthropic groups must come together and act collectively to offset the difficulties the world faces in reaching the global goals by 2015.

Minh-Thu brought up key problems on the road to reaching the 2015 MDG deadline, such as not trading fighting poverty at the price of the environment, citing that the poor are those that are most significantly impacted by climate change. She drew the link between climate change and the impoverished as well as the negative impact of warring states and internal strife on countries that are already behind in reaching their goals.

The question and answer session focused on issues of U.S spending and how to focus U.S civil society on advocating to ensure that the U.S commitment to the MDGs is sustained. A question was brought up regarding United Nation Association Chapter involvement and Minh-Thu spoke about the potential Chapters have to rally elements of civil society and translate that into action by engaging citizens at the grassroots level.

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