The Trafficking of Women and Girls in the U.S.: What Can We Do to Address It?

Call Summary

September 5, 2013
The call, hosted by UNA Women, was held Wednesday, August 28 and featured Ambassador Mark Lagon, a senior fellow for human rights at the Council of Foreign Relations and a member of UNA-USA’s Leo Nevas Human Rights Task Force. The call lasted an hour during which Ambassador Lagon and Karen Mulhauser, Chair of the UNA-USA Council of Chapters and Regions Steering Committee, set the stage for a discussion on human trafficking and then took questions from the audience.

Lagon focused on the working relationship between the U.S. Government and UN Agencies, challenges regarding U.S. domestic policies, and what U.S. citizens can do to combat human trafficking.  Through this dialogue he highlighted the ongoing effort by the U.S. and the UN to research, expose, and create an international guideline in order to end human trafficking.  He outlined existing issues within U.S. policy that create obstacles in properly caring for the victims of trafficking within U.S. borders.  He stressed U.S. citizens’ role to send a message to our legislators, so the country can better care for victims while maintaining a strong international focus on this pressing issue.

Though the scope of this issue is global, Lagon urged listeners to encourage change within state and national governments.  Lagon noted a number of remarkable improvements to existing laws preventing trafficking, as they have fallen in line with UN doctrine and helped the international community set a standard.

The question and answer session focused on U.S. policy toward trafficking victims and how to focus U.S. civil society on advocating to ensure their fair treatment and rehabilitation.  Lagone spoke about the potential UNA-USA Chapters have to engage fellow citizens on the grassroots level, educating them, and urging them into action.

Listen to the call here  or read a full transcript here.

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