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Deepen your connection to the UN by joining the
United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU) which shares our focus on the United Nations.

Through an alliance launched in 2013, UNA-USA members are eligible to join UNFCU, the award-winning financial organization that has been serving the United Nations community since 1947. See at a glance how UNFCU serves the UN community:

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Take advantage of this UNA-USA member benefit today. More than 3,000 UNA-USA members already have!

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About the Partnership

UNA-USA members can receive the benefit of all of UNFCU’s financial products and services, and UNFCU members can take their UN commitment to the next level with UNA-USA. Together our two organizations share a similar mission - an unwavering focus on the United Nations and a deep commitment to serving the UN community.  This partnership will pave the way for each of our memberships to extend their support for the UN and UN causes.