A “Jobs” Approach for 2012

January 20, 2012|Patrick Madden, UNA-USA Executive Director

It’s that time of year when we review our priorities personally and professionally, make lists, and reflect on the year ahead. I’m kicking off the year by reading the Steve Jobs biography and I’m struck by how two guys in a garage with very different personalities and abilities launched Apple into a global brand. Ultimately, it came down to one guy with engineering brilliance and one guy with marketing genius.  All of this got me thinking about UNA-USA in 2012.

UNA-USA spent the last year re-engineering itself. We are now ready for UNA members to lend their chops locally to help launch our ‘new and improved’ UNA-USA – let’s look at the year ahead.

This year UNA-USA is asking Chapters to draw up firm schedules and plan programs  for the year. We are proposing that all Chapters host events that align with key dates designated by the UN to highlight important global issues. UNA Chapters and members need to help foster a dialogue locally about the UN. These local events will take the shape of panels and lectures, but could also include a parade or a Twitter party. What will your


Chapter do on or around:


Be sure to add your event to our calendar so UNA-USA can promote your efforts nationally. If there are other key UN days your Chapter celebrates (eg. World Water Day, World Malaria Day, etc.), continue that tradition, but we hope you will add the days listed above to your event plans.

What else can UNA members and Chapters do in 2012? Resolve to advocate on behalf of the UN. With election season ramping up it will be vital for UNA members voice their opinions and learn the positions of the candidates on “our issues." Additionally, in February, June, and October we will ask all members to reach out to their elected officials on the federal level to emphasize the importance of the UN.

With a renewed sense of direction, UNA-USA will provide more support for Chapters and members through new and refreshed resources, such as:


Finally, I challenge you to think about your UNA peers around the country. Many Chapters face the same challenges in their communities as you do, such as recruiting members, fundraising, or drawing audiences for events. One of the best ways to bring new ideas to your Chapter work is to meet with other UNA members at one of our regional or national meetings. I hope you’ll think about attending one of these events to trade best practices, gain insight on the latest work of the UN, and re-energize your UNA spirit through networking.


That’s where you come in. I look forward to a terrific year for the UNA-USA membership and network. We will grow our membership base. We will make sure our voice is heard. Most importantly, UNA-USA members and Chapters will help the UN continue make a difference around the world.

Time to get started. Who has the garage door opener?

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