LIVE FROM RIO: An Insider’s Look into the UN Conference on Sustainable Development

UNA-USA Nationwide Conference Call Summary, June 2012

June 25, 2012
This month's call was held on Friday, June 22, 2012 and featured Robb Skinner, Senior Director of UN Relations and Special Initiatives at the United Nations Foundation. After his presentation, Robb took questions from the audience for roughly 25 minutes.

Robb gave UNA-USA members an exclusive look inside the conversations happening at the Rio+20 conference. He began by explaining the importance of the United States' $2 billion commitment to the Sustainable Energy For All initiative, which the UN Secretary-General unveiled earlier this year. Robb stated that the money the U.S. is bringing to the table makes all partners involved in the Sustainable Energy For All initiative feel as though a great deal of progress can and will be made.

Robb offered comparisons between the original Earth Summit, held in Rio 20 years earlier, and the Rio+20 experience. He stressed that of utmost significance was the engagement this time around of multiple stakeholders – private, public, and nonprofit sectors all coming together under the umbrella of a common cause.

Increased engagement points was also a focal point of the call, as Robb elaborated on the experience had during Rio+Social, a first of its kind gathering of technology, social media, and global leaders that stressed how new media can help foster positive solutions to the world's biggest problems.

The question and answer session surrounded topics such as: further juxtapositions between the first Earth Summit and Rio+20; the role of nuclear power in a sustainable energy future; efforts to address multiple kinds of pollution; and the role of other international organizations at the conference.

Click here to listen to an audio recording of the call, and to access the full transcript of the call.

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