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February 12, 2014|by Chris Whatley, UNA-USA Executive Director
We need your help in making this a banner month for U.S.-UN advocacy.

2014 will be a challenging year for both the United Nations and the United States, but with your help we can address these pressing issues. Between the turmoil in places like Syria and South Sudan and ensuring an FY 2015 budget that includes vital UN funding, we need to make sure Congress knows a strong U.S.-UN relationship is more important than ever.

This is where you come in: Members of Congress are coming home from Washington next week. Make your voice heard by scheduling face-to-face meetings with your elected officials over the next month (Feb. 17-Mar. 17), beginning with the President's Day district work period.

In-district meetings are the most effective form of citizen advocacy, and your elected officials need to know that voters in their states care about the UN and its work.

To support your advocacy efforts, we've created a toolkit on how to organize an in-district meeting and key issues to raise during your meetings.

From peacekeeping arrears, to the Disabilities Treaty, to the post-2015 development agenda consultations, this toolkit has the biggest topics covered.

A strong U.S.-UN relationship is essential to our foreign policy goals and the most productive way to promote global security and prosperity. You've written letters, sent emails, and made phone calls on this — and now we need you to take the next step and schedule an in-district meeting with your members of Congress, Feb. 17-Mar. 17.

When you've scheduled your meeting, please let our Membership Team know by emailing membership@unausa.org.
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