President Trump won’t spend $1.86 on this

President Trump may think he knows good deals, but there’s one bargain for Americans he’s really trying to mess up: The United Nations.

The average American pays just $1.86 each year in taxes to cover the United States’ regular budget dues to the UN. In return, Americans get a lot of bang for their buck: The UN makes the U.S. and the world safer, healthier, and more peaceful and prosperous.


Based on his latest budget proposal, it looks like President Trump may disagree. But we think it’s a good deal to spend $1.86 so the UN can do its good work…like providing food and assistance to 80 million people, supplying vaccines to nearly half of the world’s children, assisting 65.3 million refugees, and so much more. We’re not kidding, the UN does a lot!

There’s really not a better deal out there for $1.86. Believe us, we checked. In fact, here’s a list of things Americans can buy that cost the same as what they give each year in taxes to the United Nations.

About 5 and a half days of gym membership…to burn off some steam from fake news overload.

17% of this handy French Fry holder…when you need to eat your feelings on the go.


1/4 of a Grande Smoked Butterscotch Latte – add whip – almond milk – light foam – extra hot…cause you fancy.

11 days of a student Spotify subscription…to stay woke.  

Almost 4 of these Jack-O’-Lantern stamps…to send scary good letters to your elected officials about why the UN matters. 

1 edition of Crochet World Magazine…for when the state of American politics makes you want to hide under a homemade blanket.

Almost two large Diet Cokes…to caffeinate for a 5 AM tweeting session.

A single M&M’s Minis Candy Tube (from this holiday-themed candy train)…once you pop, the fun don’t stop. And we could all use more fun these days.

39% of a bacon-scented air freshener…no reason required.

Click here to add your voice in support of the UN, a seriously good deal for Americans.


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