“A Time for Peace” – Dedication to the Nations of the World

“A Time for Peace” – A Dedication to the Nations of the World is arranged by John Christopher Wineglass. The performance will air during the Global Engagement Summit. Learn about the creation of the piece in this message from Sato Terian, UNA-Monterey Bay Chapter. You can also watch this Instagram Live discussion between UNA-USA Executive Director Rachel Pittman and composer John Wineglass.


When at the UNHQ in NYC in Feb. 2018 for the Global Engagement Summit, I started to wonder what the 193 member countries National anthems sound like.  Viewing the lineup of flags outside, I thought how neat it would be to hear a symphonic arrangement of a medley, comprised of snippets from all member nations’ anthems, in honor of UN75.  I started doing some research, and talked with a friend about it, Emmy-award winning composer John Wineglass.  I wanted to share an original tribute “Happy Birthday UN”, a musical arrangement of what it might sound like if the World can work together; and now to beat this Global PandemicWe are One Planet, and one inter-connected humanity.


In shortening the work down to 3 minutes, and to highlight the US as being the first signatory on the UN’s Charter (on 8/8/45), “A Time for Peace” includes portions of the Anthems of the Permanent 5 (founding) countries, starting with the US, followed by France, the UK, Russia, China, and ending with the refrain from the Hymn of the UN. A huge thanks to the Monterey Symphony, for contributing the production and costs. It Truly is a “Time for Peace” if there ever was one!

Happy 75th, UN!  And, Peace on Earth.