2021 Call-In Challenge

Participate in our National Call-in Challenge!

Monday, October 25, 2021

In conjunction with our virtual UN Day program, we’re hosting a national Call-In Challenge and encouraging you, our members, to contact your elected officials and advocate for a strong U.S.-UN partnership and full funding for the UN and its agencies.

The Ask

For over 25 years, the U.S. has imposed an arbitrary cap on our payments to UN Peacekeeping. As a result, the U.S. is currently $1 billion in arrears to UN Peacekeeping.

Rep. Sara Jacobs recently introduced a bill to permanently repeal the cap so that the U.S. can pay its treaty-obligated dues in full, a crucial step in restoring our credibility at the UN.

When you call your Representative, please ask them to support the United States Commitment to Peacekeeping Act of 2021 so the U.S. can fulfill its financial obligations to the UN, and ask them to co-sponsor this important bill. It’s time for the U.S. to pay what it promised.


Instructions for calling your lawmakers:

1. First, review the sample scripts to make sure you’re ready to get your main points across.

2. Visit house.gov to find your Representative.

3. Dial (855) 466-4862 to connect to the Capitol Switchboard.

4. Once you call, you will hear a recording from a UNA-USA staff member that will explain how you’ll connect to your Representative’s office. Stay on the line during this message, and wait to be connected.

5. You will be prompted to press 2 to speak with your Representative. (Note: You may reach a live operator. Simply tell them the name of the Representative you are trying to reach and they will connect you directly.)

6. Make your selection, and you’ll be automatically patched through to the front desk of the correct office.

7. Urge your Representative to support the United States Commitment to Peacekeeping Act of 2021.

8. Didn’t reach your Representative on your first attempt? Call again or leave a voicemail!

9. Complete the follow-up survey to ensure you receive a certificate.