1. Call Capitol Hill at 1-855-466-4862. Using this number allows us to track your efforts! 
  2. You will either be prompted to enter your zip code to be connected to Senator James Risch, or you will be connected to an operator and can ask for him by name. You may be asked to enter the number ONE to reach the Senate.
  3. Once you are connected to Senator Risch’s office, tell the staff member who answers the phone that you have an opinion on humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, specifically on food assistance through UNRWA and ask to leave it for the Senator.
  4. Keep in mind calls should only last a few minutes! Deliver your talking points/script, summarized on the previous page. 
  5. Vocalize your opposition to Senator Risch placing a hold on the $75 million that the Administration would like use to fund UNRWA and request a response indicating the Senator’s position on this matter. 
  6. You may also ask if the staffer requires any follow-up information. If the office has a question, please let us know by emailing Maria Amalla (Grassroots Advocacy Manager) at mamalla@unfoundation.org and we will answer it for them.
  7.  Let us know how your calls went by using the following form.


If your call is not answered, don’t worry. You can leave a message! Be prepared that they may call you back. 




[You]: Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I’m a constituent and voter from [zip code] How are you?  


[You]: I’m a member of the United Nations Association of the USA, a grassroots movement of Americans supporting the U.N.’s work. Today, I’m calling about humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, specifically the funding for UNRWA. I understand that Senator Risch has placed a hold on $75 million that would support UNRWA’s programs, particularly their food assistance program for vulnerable Palestinians in Gaza.


[Staffer]: Yes, that’s correct. Senator Risch has indeed placed a hold on that funding.


[You]: I’d like to express my concern about this situation. The UNRWA program provides vital food assistance to more than 1 million vulnerable people in Gaza, a majority of whom are women and children. The funds are crucial for ensuring their basic food security and well-being.


[Staffer]: I understand your concerns. Senator Risch is currently reviewing the situation.


[You]: I appreciate that, but I’m deeply worried about the consequences of this hold. With 63 percent of people in Gaza already facing food insecurity and relying on international assistance, this funding is a lifeline for their survival. Moreover, considering the high rates of poverty and unemployment in the region, the situation could worsen significantly if this funding isn’t released.


[Staffer]: I’ll make sure to convey your concerns to Senator Risch.


[You]: Thank you. I kindly request that Senator Risch reconsider his decision and remove the hold on the humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, particularly the funding for UNRWA’s food assistance program. This is a matter of great urgency, as the well-being of so many vulnerable individuals hangs in the balance.


[Staffer]: I’ll definitely let the Senator know about your request. Can I have your name, email, and zip code again please?


[You]: Certainly. My name is [Your Name], and you can reach me at [Your Email Address] and my zip code is  [Your Zip Code].


[Staffer]: Thank you. Your concerns have been noted, and we will pass them along to Senator Risch for his consideration.


Pro-Tip: Feel free to customize and shorten your message if your call goes to voicemail


Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I’m a constituent and voter from [zip code]. I’m also a member of the United Nations Association of the USA, a grassroots movement of Americans that support the work of the UN. Today, I’m calling to voice my opposition to Senator Risch placing a hold on $75 million dollars to fund UNRWA’s program, which provides food to over 1 million vulnerable individuals in Gaza.


I urge Senator Risch to remove the hold on humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, especially the food assistance via UNRWA, given the dire food security situation in Gaza, where 63 percent of residents are food insecure, 81.5 percent live in poverty, and unemployment rates are alarmingly high.


I look forward to receiving a response. You can reach me at [Your Phone Number] and [Your Email].