Non-binary Gender Identity – An Introduction

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“She/Her/Hers … Ze/Hir/Hirs … They/Their/Them…”

Identity is never clear nor automatic. Recognizing that human biology doesn’t operate under binaries is not just a cultural perspective. There is more diversity among humanity than what we see on the outside.

Diversity and inclusion matters. They are catalysts for innovation and creativity leading our societies towards shared, sustainable futures.

Join us for our discussion on non-binary gender identities as we explore current challenges and look for opportunities to a deeper understanding. Learn of the few states within the US that have recognized gender identity as non-binary – Washington, DC; Oregon; Washington State, Main and California – amending driver licenses or birth certificates with a third category “X”.

SPEAKER BIO | Tiki Inacay
A Doctoral student in San Diego, California, they spent more than 20 years to work with youth and adults in marginalized groups. Tiki received the Connell Persico Scholarship from Alliant Educational Foundation and works as student, researcher, councilor and mental health specialist focusing on transgender men and women.