UNCSC2019 Workshop: NGOs: Activate Your Networks to Combat Climate Change

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Salt Palace Convention Center 100 S W Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84101 



Theme SDG11: Building Inclusive and Sustainable Communities
Workshop Subject: Climate Action – Communities in Action
Workshop Title: NGOs: Activate Your Networks to Combat Climate Change
Workshop Description

This workshop will address the critical urgency for climate action to make human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030. Prevention of droughts, floods, forest fires, etc are essential for the future of youth. Increased awareness, grassroots partnerships and community actions are necessary for real change to occur.

The workshop includes NGO leaders, community activists, and concerned youth. Servas with 15,000 members in 120 countries and its commitment to peace through hosting and traveling worldwide, has the capacity to create awareness and promote the mitigation of climate-related harm to humanity. Partnering with UNA will expand awareness of the SDGs and build networks to address short-term and long-term solutions. A youth panelists will demonstrate a Salt Lake City Cohousing community as an example of economical and energy-efficient design and focus attention on alternative urban lifestyles that effectively address sustainable infrastructure. Wasatch Commons Cohousing Community and explore opportunities within their own cities. In addition to the panelists, three members in the audience will share experiences with ecological travel, sustainability efforts in Mexico, and opportunities for youth to become involved in climate actions through Peace Boat US.

Panelists will elicit audience ideas and promote vigorous active participation. Participants will share ideas for sustainable cities and will explore local and global actions.

In summary, partnerships of civil society organizations are key to broaden networks of citizen activists to combat climate change.
Sponsors – Organizations supporting the Workshop: United States Servas, United Nations Association -Pasadena Chapter, Piece by Piece, Los Angeles County Arboretum.