InterGenerational Model UN

To celebrate and recognize UN Day, the first national UNA-USA InterGenerational Model UN (IGMUN) is scheduled to be held virtually on October 21.

Registration opening soon!

All About IGMUN

IGMUN is an opportunity for participants of all ages and walks of life to step into the shoes of UN Ambassadors and debate a range of issues on the UN agenda. This all-day program is designed as a teaching and learning conference and is intended for both novices and delegates with prior Model UN experience. Participants will be assigned as country delegates to work within a specific committee to debate significant and timely global issues. During the committee session, delegates will discuss and lobby fellow country representatives to collaborate and jointly write resolutions to promote their country’s agenda.

Delegates will be joined by notable local and national leaders in civic affairs, international relations, and social issues. The IGMUN experience is meant to cultivate international understanding, life skills, and the attitudes necessary for responsible and active global citizenship. Most of all, IGMUN is a chance for Americans to get together to intimately understand and appreciate, through reenactment and compromise, the importance and the challenges that delegates in the United Nations face.

Anyone with a valid address in the United States above the age of 16 with a commitment and desire to become globally engaged on a local level is welcome to attend. General registration will be available soon and posted here when open!


Committees & Topics

The 2022 InterGenerational Model United Nations committees and topics are currently being developed. Information will be updated here as more details are available!



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