• During challenging times, the U.S. needs partners like the @UN to fight the global food & nutrition crisis and implement a multi-sectoral response. @YOURMEMBEROFCONGRESS, that is why your support for full #UN funding in FY’23 is vital. #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN
  • Without food security and malnutrition prevention, peace and economic stability are at stake.

    Leaving no one behind means fully funding the #UN in FY’23. @YOURMEMBEROFCONGRESS, can I count on your support? #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN



  • Women are more likely than men to experience food insecurity, and the gender gap is growing. Inadequate and unpredictable funding for gender equality priorities derails real change. This #UNDay, @YOURCONGRESSPERSON @YOURSENATOR @YOURSENATOR must commit to fighting the gender gap in food security by fully funding the @UN in FY’23. #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN 
  • Climate shocks are increasing in frequency and intensity, leaving those affected no time to recover between disasters. An unprecedented drought in the Horn of Africa is pushing more people into alarming levels of food insecurity, with famine now projected in Somalia. @YOURCONGRESSPERSON @YOURSENATOR @YOURSENATORS, the United States can help build resilient food systems and supply chains by investing in @UN agencies like @WFP, @FAO, and @UNICEF. Let’s fully fund the #UN in FY’23! #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN



  • The fallout from the crisis in Ukraine has spiked world food prices to an all-time high, making nutritious food unaffordable for the poorest families in countries like Ethiopia, Haiti, Afghanistan, and more. Countries like the ones previously mentioned account for 27 million children living in severe food insecurity. The United States needs to invest in partners like the @UN to help fight the global food crisis. @YOURCONGRESSPERSON @YOURSENATOR @YOURSENATOR, can I count on your support for full UN funding in FY’23? #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN



  • Conflict in Ukraine has disrupted global trade pushing up transport costs and lead times while leaving farmers with limited access to the agricultural materials and fertilizer they need. This #UNDay, I recognize the @UN’s essential efforts in negotiating the Black Sea Grain initiative, which resumed the exportation of Ukrainian grain and Russian fertilizer to countries in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. No man or woman is an island, and I am proud to be a member of @UNAUSA, a movement of Americans dedicated to supporting the United Nations. #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN
  • Every day, the United Nations is working towards resolving conflicts, aiding victims of natural disasters, and finding durable solutions that enable people to live safely and in dignity. More than 6 in 10 Americans believe the U.S. should pay its UN dues on time and in full. 69% agree that the UN is an organization still needed today, unchanged from 2021. This #UNDay, I acknowledge that I am a member of the global community and what happens abroad impacts my community at home. The United States cannot do it alone, and we need partners like the #UN to be fully funded in FY’23. #UNDay #NourishingPeace #USAforUN