Strategies for Local Grassroots Advocacy

As a grassroots organization, UNA-USA chapters engage our members from the ground-up. As the fall semester comes to a close and we begin to plan for spring, we can take this time as student leaders to reflect on our role and responsibility in creating the world we want to see. Our power is in our ability to mobilize our campuses in support of the global issues we are passionate about. Here are some key strategies to keep in mind:


Educate: The first thing we need to do is educate ourselves about the issues that the world will be tackling in the coming years. The more educated we are, the more effectively we can educate those around us.  If you do not know the facts about climate change, you cannot convince people that we must act to protect our planet. Learning about issues like the Sustainable Development Goals makes us better advocates and global citizens. With enough time, the echoes of millions of educated people will ring true.


Unite: Thanks to social media, the millennial generation is more connected than any previous generation. We must use these connections to unite and inspire. This fall we asked students everywhere to “vote like the world depends on it.” We must continue to use our voice and our votes to advocate for global issues not just every four years – but in local and midterm elections as well. Maintaining this passion for global issues is essential, and by being united, we can hold each other accountable to keep going. When we are united, we are able to broadcast our views with a larger impact.


Engage: Along with a new President, we have new Congressional and local leadership coming into office. We must work to ensure that our local officials and representatives understand the importance of our mission and take this mission to the national stage. It is extremely important to get involved in local government and participate in the process of democracy. Apart from politics, a lot of work can be done locally to achieve the Global Goals. We can use collective local action to make a difference.


We are GenUN – it is our world, and we determine its future.


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