Summer Chapter Checklist

Use this checklist to stay on track over the summer and propel your chapter to success in the fall! 


Please submit chapter reports no later than May 20

– Plan an effective leadership transition

– Set date for goal setting retreat with new E-Board: UNA-USA national can help with a virtual retreat

– Stay in contact: Create a summer communications plan with your E-Board or decide who’s running social media; be sure to get access to all social media accounts and emails that the old E-board was using

– Establish expectations for chapter and executive board members

– Set summer deadlines/deliverables


– Participate in the UNA-USA Leadership Summit

Set-up meetings with your elected officials

– Feature chapter members doing interesting projects or internships over the summer

– Stay active on social media by posting interesting articles and recognize UN days like World Refugee Day on June 20


– Stay in touch with school administration (student activities office) or faculty advisor (they have free time over the summer and are able to talk with you)

– Set up meetings with community members/non-profit leaders if you’re staying in town or set up informational interviews with alumni from your school who work in relevant fields

– Sign up all chapter members for free youth membership to receive email updates throughout the year


– Plan for Activity Fair: request activity fair supplies from UNA-USA

– Book rooms in advance for fall semester events like UN Day (October)

– Plan a back-to-school fundraiser for Adopt-a-Future

– Plan a social event to welcome new and returning chapter members after the Activity Fair!