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Social distancing does not mean we are distancing from our core values and impact on global issues. In fact, this just might be the perfect time to lean in, get informed, stay engaged, and take action to support the UN. We have created this virtual activities hub with our community in mind, curating carefully some of our best webinars, online resources from UN agencies, and further ways to take action. These are unique and challenging times for everyone, but the UNA-USA community will remain strong and productive. Let’s stay connected and support one another. Most importantly, take this opportunity to pull others into this movement. As global advocates and community change-makers, our role has never been more crucial.


You can double the impact of your organization’s support by partnering with the United Nations Foundation to host a workplace giving campaign to benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Learn more and get started.



The Global Engagement Online Series

In April, we launched the Global Engagement Online Series (GEOS), an ongoing collection of virtual programming to keep you inspired, informed, and connected to the UN this year. GEOS will provide a forum for us to celebrate and acknowledge the UN’s 75th anniversary and hear expert perspectives as we engage our communities in the UN75 campaign to shape a brighter future. We will also use these virtual convenings to stay educated, connected and motivated as we discover new ways to accelerate our advocacy impact together. GEOS is for everyone, so stay tuned and spread the word!

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Test your knowledge of the United Nations by challenging yourself, friends, and fellow members to these Kahoot quizzes!

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