10 Ways to Celebrate Human Rights Day on December 10

On December 10th, 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a groundbreaking document which outlined the 30 fundamental rights that people are entitled to across the world. In celebration, December 10th has been named Human Rights Day; how is your Campus Chapter going to celebrate it?

Here at UNA, our resident team of college interns has come up with 10 great suggestions for celebrating Human Rights Day on your campus. In addition to supporting UN campaigns like Free and Equal and He for She, you can:

  1. Pass a student government resolution: Work with a member of your student government or student council to pass a resolution in honor of Human Rights Day.
  2. Write an op-ed or article in your school’s newspaper: School newspapers can be a great place to talk about the importance of human rights around the world.
  3. Stage a public reading: Set up a microphone in your student center or, if the weather’s right, outside and read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in full.
  4. Set up a free expression wall: Set up a blank wall or giant piece of paper and encourage your friends to write about what human rights mean to them.
  5. Make a viral video about human rights day: Film your UNA chapter kicking it Gangnam style to celebrate human rights and put the video online: it’ll go viral in a matter of minutes.
  6. Start a Facebook campaign: Encourage your friends to change their profile pictures to an individualized Human Rights Day banner.
  7. Hand out t-shirts and other gear: If you have the funds, buy t-shirts, sunglasses, or even 90’s-style sweatbands featuring a slogan about human rights to give to your classmates.
  8. Coordinate an extra-credit lecture: Work with professors in the history department, the law school, or the international relations program to host a lecture about human rights, and work with other professors in the department to get attendees extra credit—trust us, your friends will thank you.
  9. Hold a candlelight vigil or other commemorative event: While it’s important to have fun, human rights are serious business. Consider holding a vigil or other event to commemorate those who have suffered human rights abuses and those whose human rights are still violated.
  10. Hold a talent show, dance, or party: Big social events are a great way to bring awareness to an issue, so why not have a human rights-themed party? Free admission if you dress up like Eleanor Roosevelt or Ban Ki-Moon.

Human Rights Day is awfully close to time for final exams, so commemorate it earlier or later if it works better for your campus. Remember that the administration or other organizations, such as Amnesty International, may be able to help support any events you want to hold. Ask them to join in!


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