1,500 Students to Attend International Model UN at United Nations Headquarters

May 15, 2014

NEW YORK — Today, 1,500 high students from around the world will join together for the United Nations Association of the USA’s (UNA-USA) Global Classrooms® International Model UN Conference. The opening ceremonies will be held in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations.

“Today students from around the globe will gather to tackle some of the vexing problems of our age,” said UNA-USA Executive Director Chris Whatley. “Global Classrooms® International Model UN builds young people’s skills and prepares them for vibrant and dynamic careers.”

Participants from 17 U.S. states and 20 countries are role-playing as ambassadors from UN member states, interest groups, and nongovernmental organizations in a simulation of the United Nations. Topics being discussed include climate change, peace and security, and sustainable agriculture.

Participants in this week’s UNA-USA Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference are part of a time-honored tradition of young people expanding their horizons and building for their own futures by participating in leading Model UN programs. At the 2012 International Model UN Conference, several participating students were part of the making of a documentary film called “Decorum” which detailed their preparations for and ultimate success at the conference. Today, all of the students featured in the film are attending college, and they credit Model UN with equipping them with the skills needed for such a bright future.

Ayah Innab, featured in “Decorum,” plans to become a lawyer, and said, “MUN showed me what I wanted to become. Everyone has a talent, and it showed me what my talents are.” Jamal Harun, studying to become a nurse, remarked that Model UN “is one of best opportunities you’ll ever have. It gives you real life experience to move toward college and beyond.” Narifa Aziz, now a biology major, said, “Model UN gave me a lot of exposure and [helped me] to be more open minded. It helped to build confidence in myself.”

Model UN has been the premier vehicle for building young people’s leadership skills and understanding of international affairs, world cultures, and the workings of the United Nations for over 60 years. In 1999, UNA-USA created Global Classrooms to bridge the gap in the Model UN community between experienced programs and traditionally underserved public schools worldwide.

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