World Food Day News: Tea, Coffee, Youth, and Dubai

World Food Day takes place every year on October 16th.  This year, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) applauded the promise of new hope that is on the horizon, despite the current unprecedented circumstances.[1]  The celebration began with “a global event where participants noted that while the challenges of global hunger, climate crisis and COVID-19 remain formidable, there is also a new momentum and energy behind efforts to transform our agri-food systems, making them more fit for purpose.”[2]  The beauty of this day is that it brings together small businesses, farmers, governments, women, youth, indigenous people, and individuals across 150 countries to celebrate food as a human right.  Countries host a multitude of events, which can range from marathons to hunger marches to concerts and performances to exhibitions and contests.[3]  Some of the highlights from this year’s World Food Day can be found below.


Dialogue on Tea and Coffee

The FAO Director-General joined global industry experts to celebrate the cultural, social, and economic importance of tea and coffee.[4]  Most people do not realize the importance of the tea and coffee sectors.  Not only do they provide all forms of tea and coffee to the world, but they also serve as “a vital source of income and employment for millions of people,” and particularly for indigenous communities, in developing countries.[5]  To read more about this event and the importance of the tea and coffee sectors, click here.


Junior World Food Day

Junior World Food Day was a special event hosted during the World Food Forum that called on the younger generations “to take action and become food heroes.”[6]  Farmers, chefs, innovators, and influencers gathered to discuss why they chose to work with food, the importance of the food sector, and how youth can get involved and become food heroes, too.[7]  To read more about the focus of this event and the guest speakers that were involved, click here.


Expo Dubai

At Expo Dubai, different activities and events called for “global solidarity in rethinking and reshaping food systems for people and the planet.”[8]  In fact, “World Food Day 2021 was the first International Day to be celebrated at Expo Dubai.”[9]  There was a site-wide celebration that united “stakeholders and visitors in a commitment to build” a better future.[10]  Following this, Expo Dubai’s theme from October 1st, 2021 until March 31st, 2022 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”[11]  To read more about Expo