2021 UNA-USA Award Recipients

The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is excited to recognize the leaders in our movement and announce our 2021 award recipients.

This extraordinary group of members and chapters have gone above and beyond to drive forward UNA-USA’s mission of supporting the critical work of the United Nations.

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2021 Advocate of the Year Award

Cindy Serrano Roberts; Member-At-Large

The Advocate of the Year Award recognizes a member who supports UNA-USA’s many advocacy initiatives, from organizing in-district meetings with their elected officials to participating in our calls to action.

Cindy Serrano Roberts has been an ardent advocate for a multitude of Sustainable Development Goals, whether through her participation in multilateral discussions as the only US Officer Delegate at the Women, Peace & Security Symposium, or by assisting women and girls escaping Afghanistan to find resources to support their health and wellbeing.  

Cindy finds meaningful ways to advocate for real change via the Sustainable Development Goals, and brings with her entire communities of supporters whom she has inspired to take action.  Cindy leverages her expertise in Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that she is advocating for everyone to receive a fair opportunity at living their best life.

2021 Community Chapter of Excellence Award

UNA Bronx Chapter

The Community Chapter of Excellence Award is awarded to a community chapter that has grown its membership, developed programming or campaigns to support UNA-USA’s mission, and conducted both local and national advocacy outreach.

By coining the phrase “Keeping the Bronx Strong,” UNA Bronx Chapter has continued strong even during the pandemic, establishing over 25 partnerships within the local community and developing multi-part consortiums with NGOs, community leaders, and youth activists.  The chapter’s International Women’s Day series entitled “Reflections” was a powerful celebration of Black women and women of color in leadership.  These are just a few of the achievements that the UNA Bronx chapter has accomplished during the past year, and is why we are proud to recognize the chapter as the winner of the 2021 UNA-USA Community Chapter of Excellence Award.

2021 Campus Chapter of Excellence Award

UNA Harvard University Chapter

The Campus Chapter of Excellence Award is awarded to a campus chapter that has gone above and beyond to host various programs, actively recruit, engage and retain members, and promote advocacy initiatives.

It is no surprise that the UNA Harvard University Chapter is the winner of the 2021 UNA-USA Campus Chapter of Excellence Award, given its role in service projects in and around Boston, working in collaboration with the UNA Greater Boston community chapter. UNA Harvard University Chapter has also held monthly coffee chats to discuss the Sustainable Development Goal of the month, coordinated the Women in Power conference, and hosted many other initiatives that engage students in the work of the United Nations.


2021 Young Leader of the Year Award

Isabel Treidl; UNA Orange County Chapter

The Young Leader of the Year Award recognizes a youth member who has exemplified chapter leadership and is an ardent supporter of UNA-USA’s many initiatives.

During Isabel’s leadership as President, the UNA Orange County Chapter saw a great growth in membership and increased engagement of young people.  She created the “Reaching for the Sky” Scholarship, a $500 prize awarded to a young professional working actively on the SDGs in Orange County.  From cultural dinners and fundraisers for domestic violence victims to presenting at various UN conferences and developing an SDG Fortune Teller tool, Isabel has always sought creative and meaningful ways to engage young people in not only understanding the work of the United Nations, but also motivating young people to take action. Isabel Treidl is truly an exceptional young leader, and is very deserving of the 2021 UNA-USA Young Leader of the Year Award.

2021 Arnold Goodman Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeanne Betsock Stillman; Southern New York State Division

The Arnold Goodman Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a longtime volunteer leader for their continued support of UNA-USA’s mission. This member has served more than 10 years as a chapter leader and has previously served on UNA-USA’s National Council.

Since 2003, when Jeanne Betsock Stillman took on leadership roles within UNA, first as Executive Director of the Westchester Chapter, President of UNA Southern New York Division, and now as Vice President of the Division for new chapter development, she has tirelessly pursued opportunities to support the United Nations in her community, her state, and her country. On a local level, Ginger has been instrumental in coordinating and lifting up diverse voices through her support of programming, featuring discussions of race and inclusion.  An incredible example of her impact is the UNA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Members’ Day, which became so successful that it was transformed into the Global Engagement Summit for all UNA-USA members to attend at UN headquarters in New York. Ginger’s reach is tremendous, from her many local roles to her national influence, and is the true epitome of a UN advocate for life.

Congratulations to all our 2021 award recipients! Your work and commitment is inspiring to us all at UNA-USA. Our movement of building a strong U.S.-UN partnership has never been more critical, and as we celebrate the 76th anniversary, we must continue to work together for a better world.