4 Tips to Help You Stay Engaged With your Alumni Networks!

As you approach the end of the semester, there are many UNA members who will be graduating from colleges and universities across the country (congrats grad!). While some graduates may think that their time is coming to end with UNA-USA, it really isn’t! This is just the beginning. As campus chapters begin to develop growing alumni networks, it is extremely important for the next generation of chapter leaders to stay in touch with those who have left their legacy as former UNA campus chapter members! Staying engaged with your alumni allows your campus chapter to continue having a strong membership foundation, important professional networks, and a sense of community.

  • Thank your seniors
    • A great way to thank your graduating seniors is to host a Senior Banquet or meeting where you recognize their contributions to your chapter. Your chapter can purchase graduation kits for your seniors through the UNA-USA store, or make paper plate awards!Make them feel appreciated and they will want to stay connected to your organization
  • Develop an alumni email list and/or Facebook Page
    • One way to stay connected with your alumni is by keeping in communication with them! Before your graduating students leave, ask for their personal emails and develop a contact list that you can send occasional information to. In addition, create an exclusive Facebook group just for alumni (they may not want to see every chapter meeting announcement – but they do care about the big things your chapter is doing!). This will not only allow your alumni network to see what your chapter is doing on social media, but it will also give the opportunity for your graduating students to stay connected with each other once they leave their college or university!
  • Host alumni during campus chapter events
    • Another way to keep your alumni engaged is by hosting them as honorary guests during one of your campus chapter events! During alumni weekends or other important dates to your chapter, invite them to share their personal tips with your current members, and highlight the work that they did as former UNA campus chapter members so that they can inspire the next generation of global leaders
  • Invite alumni to become a member of their UNA community

    • Being involved with UNA-USA does not stop at the university or college level. In fact, graduating students have many more opportunities awaiting for them in their community chapters! We have over 120 community chapters across the United States, and staying involved as a UNA-USA member allows your graduating students to take advantage of the professional development opportunities that exist within their community chapters! More importantly, the voices of your alumni networks will remain powerful through UNA-USA. As graduating students and aspiring young professionals, we need the continued support of your alumni networks to ensure strong U.S.- U.N.relations.
      i. To find your UNA-USA community chapter, click here!