5 Social Media Tips to Take Your Chapter Page to the Next Level

Stable U.S. engagement with the UN is critical in advancing the nation’s foreign policy, national security, economic, and humanitarian. The United States’ support for the UN grows stronger with each UNA-USA member. The more the members, the larger the pool of talent, ideas, and resources and fundraising for developing your chapter. One way to spread information and recruit is through social media; a fun and easy way to connect with other people who care about the same issues you do. Using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will help publicize your chapter and its programs and recruit new members. Here’s 5 tips on having a successful chapter page!

1. Post often

Most social media users check their feeds daily. Being active ensures that your followers will always get a taste of your content and stay up to date on your activities. However, post too often and you risk becoming a nuisance, causing followers to dread seeing a post from your page. We recommend posting a 2-3 times every week!


2. Use hashtags

Nowadays, a mere pound symbol in front of a word tracks trends across social media platforms. Hashtags are a powerful way for users to tag their posts with keywords, making it easier for social networks to organize and users to search. From #USAforUN to #WithRefugees, UNA-USA always has hashtags relevant to the work of the UN. Posting with trending hashtags help towards gaining visibility and potential new members.


3. Take pictures

Images speak louder than words! Photos invoke feelings and will enhance the connection with your audience. You can’t overwhelm the reader with hundreds of words expecting them to read all of it; pictures stand out and are a great way to keep the viewer engaged. Taking pictures at events or meetings is great content to post!


4. Use our website

The GenUN website is a great resource for chapter leaders and members. Besides general information and updates, there’s a Chapter Tools tab that provides toolkits such as a handbook, advocacy ideas, and event suggestions, for becoming a successful chapter.



5. Have fun and be creative!

Go above and beyond just the normal posts of words, hashtags, and pictures. Each day social media becomes more sophisticated and there are always new methods of content. One suggestion is to use Storify, a service that lets the user create timelines using posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s an example from the 2017 Leadership Summit! Use Storify when you hold an event on campus and want to showcase the related posts.