#OnBrand: The Official 3 Step Checklist for Campus Chapters

As your semester gets underway, take some time to assess your current online presence. Are you on brand? Is it helping reach the goals you set for your chapter? Are you only promoting events, and if so, what other information could you share?

Check out this 3 step guide to getting the most use out of your social media and online presence. UNA-USA has several tools and resources that you may not be aware of!


  • Make sure to use the new UNA-USA logo

Last year, UNA-USA launched its new visual identity, including our new logo! To demonstrate that we are a unified group of Americans, dedicated to sustaining a strong U.S.-UN relationship, it’s important we maintain a unified visual front. If you haven’t already, make sure you update all chapter social media accounts with the new UNA-USA logo.

As part of our new brand, all chapters received a customized graphic with the new logo and their chapter’s name. If the graphic was lost between leadership transitions, or you simply forgot where you saved the file, contact Marco Sanchez at msanchez@unfoundation.org to take advantage of this opportunity!

Did you know that in addition to UNA-USA’s signature blue logo, we also created thematic logos to celebrate occasions, like Independence Day and Pride month, and to highlight issue areas, like women’s rights and climate change?

All of this information, and more, can be found in UNA-USA’s branding guidelines.

  • Use consistent page titles and handles

Our movement is strongest when we come together. To make it easy to find and connect with other UNA chapters, we ask that you title your pages “United Nations Association at [insert university/school”. Campus chapters should no longer be using the GenUN name or branding. We believe that every chapter – whether it’s a campus or community chapter – represents us equally, and that’s why we ask that you join us now in making the switch to UNA-USA!


  • Keep active every semester

Your chapter doesn’t need to post every week to keep active – but we do ask that you post each semester. Many chapters utilize their social media accounts to publicize their events or meetings, but are silent in slower times or semester breaks. we have created a series of graphics for you to share during slower times or semester breaks. With that in mind, we have created a folder in the Campus Chapter Leaders Facebook Group, filled with graphics related to ongoing programs at the UN, UNA-USA’s core advocacy asks, the different campaigns at UNF. This album will be updated monthly, providing you with new and timely content to share on your accounts. Make sure you check the Campus Chapter Leaders Facebook Group regularly for the newest graphics!

The United Nations is working to build a brighter future by confronting the planet’s most complex challenges. When you’re not taking action in your communities to advance the 2030 Agenda, take the time to educate people about the incredible work the UN is already doing!

  • Create member spotlights

Showcase the work that your members, and other students on campus, are doing to advance the global goals within your communities! Make sure you share these stories on your social media and tag the national UNA-USA accounts so we can amplify and share!

Your audience wants to hear stories about what your members are doing in their everyday lives to advance one of the Sustainable Development Goals they are passionate about. These stories could be anything from members who tutor students at the local elementary school, to students striking for climate action and climate justice, to creating partnerships with community leaders to implement new policies and community initiatives.


  • Utilize your landing page on our website

There’s no need to create your own website – we’ve already done the work for you!

Every chapter already has their own landing page on our website, but whether you utilize it is up to you. From op-eds, to videos, to Twitter posts, Instagram photos, or events, you can submit content to your landing page for anybody to easily access.

Submit your events or populate your landing page today!

  • Submit a blog post

Whether you’re a chapter leader or a member, we encourage our members to use their voice to advocate for what their passionate about and submit blogs for our website.

Highlight the positive impacts you and your chapter have made in your communities. Share your experiences with others who have not experienced the same opportunities you have. Highlight the voices of those who surround and empower you. Use your voice to tell a story that matters.

Need inspiration for a blog to write? Check out The Latest on our blog! Submit your post to Anna Mahalak, amahalak@unausa.org.