Chapter Spotlight: Puerto Rico

From high school campuses to local communities, over 220 UNA-USA chapters commit to using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a road map to transfer global aims into local action at every level. This year, UNA-USA Puerto Rico Chapter has taken true leadership in pioneering solutions to protect people and the planet from climate change.  

On April 13, 2021, the Government of Puerto Rico joined as a member of the Local2030 Islands Network –“The world’s first global, island-led network devoted to advancing the UN SDGs through locally-driven, culturally-informed solutions.” UNA Puerto Rico board believes that UNA local community is uniquely placed to lead in the global effort to combat climate change and promote sustainable development, and can help scale solutions and inspire regional and global action. The Chapter hereby proudly dedicates full support and serves as the liaison between the Local2030 Islands Network secretariat and the Government of Puerto Rico.  

Announced at U.N. Headquarters in September 2019 during the U.N. General Assembly and officially supported in April 2021 by the Department of State, the Local2030 Islands Network aims to become a central resource for island-led solutions, and a platform for the development of communities of practice, linking islands in new ways to address climate change and sustainability. Through this platform, UNA-USA Puerto Rico joined local and regional governments, national governments, businesses, community-based organizations and the United Nations system to build island resilience in food, water and energy systems based on shared island experiences and perspectives.

Puerto Rico Chapter realizes that island nations are on the front line of threats from climate change and must construct a collective commitment toward advancing climate goals that foster global recovery and resiliency. Therefore, the chapter dedicates itself to supporting the Four Principles of the Local2030 Islands Network:


  • Identify local goals to advance the SDGs and strengthen long-term political leadership on climate resilience and net-zero emissions pathways. 
  • Strengthen public-private partnerships that support diverse stakeholders in integrating sustainability priorities into policy and planning.
  • Measure SDG progress through tracking and reporting on locally and culturally informed indicators.
  • Implement concrete initiatives that build island resilience and a circular economy through locally appropriate solutions, particularly at the water-energy-food nexus

The chapter is determined to facilitate implementation of these principles and commit to engaging in collaborative island projects which advance the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. UNA Puerto Rico looks forward to all shared opportunities to learn and act toward a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future.