Chapter Spotlight: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I was recently given the opportunity to speak with Brandon Kasl, a senior studying Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kasl is from the Lincoln area, enjoys being a highly involved leader on campus, and loves sports and reading. I am so proud of the work that Brandon has been putting in to engage students in international affairs and global citizenry!

Kasl became inspired to start a GenUN chapter after attending the Leadership Summit in June of 2017. He loved meeting other young professionals that are interested in creating change and making an impact on the world. The excitement that he felt at the Leadership Summit made Kasl want to get other students at his university involved in GenUN. He continues to work to make sure that people express their voices and beliefs proactively and safely in the hopes of creating a helpful dialogue that will help other learn about the importance of helping others around the globe have the same access to opportunities and success that we do.

Once Kasl got back to Lincoln, he began working to get the GenUN chapter recognized by the University of Nebraska as an official on-campus organization, and that sure was not an easy task! Kasl found that there were a lot of hoops that he had to jump through to even be able to host meetings in on-campus spaces. It has been a learning experience, but Kasl has truly done everything he can to make the GenUN chapter at the University of Nebraska one that is impactful and powerful!

Kasl is most proud that he was able to form an amazing leadership team of 12 other passionate student leaders. He received over 20 applications for the leadership team positions and had to narrow it down quite a bit to form a team that was the right size. Kasl and his team have been working so hard to create an amazing UN Day celebration, too.

For the UN Day celebration at the University of Nebraska, Kasl came up with a unique idea to engage students and educate them on different cultures. The event is a cultural carnival where students will get to hear from other organizations on campus about the cultures that they represent. This will be such a fantastic opportunity for students at the University of Nebraska to become more knowledgeable about different cultures and gain an appreciation for other cultures. Kasl has over 30 other on-campus organizations that are interested in partnering with his chapter for the cultural carnival, which is truly a testament to the dedication and passion that Kasl has for making an enormous difference at his school and around the globe.

I am so proud of the work that the University of Nebraska student leaders have done, and I look forward to hearing more about the monumental impact that the UNL GenUN chapter will make this year. Keep up the great work!