Chapter Spotlight: Wake County

UNA Wake County Chapter was originally founded to represent members of Wake County in North Carolina, but has expanded to include members across Greater Raleigh, Durham, the Research Triangle Park region, and Chapel Hill towns. It has worked tirelessly to engage their students and adults of the local community as well as state and federal-level policymakers to discuss prominent global affairs and consider how the international community combats such issue areas through the United Nations.

UNA Wake County Chapter has dedicated countless hours on advocating for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In March 2020, the chapter hosted a presentation in partnership with the PBS North Carolina Children’s Media and Education Team on how public television is contributing to SDG 4: Quality Education. With a robust Q&A section devoted to improving public understanding of pertinent issues and ways to take action, the chapter fostered an environment of inclusion and furthermore provided resources for community members to advocate for equality and access to education not only in the United States, but across the world.

Most recently, UNA Wake County Chapter hosted a virtual Climate Action Seminar on the influences of climate change on high-impact weather systems in North Carolina and worldwide. With a lecture from Dr. Gary Lackmann, Professor of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at North Carolina State University, participants were able to discuss the causes of global warming and the steps that Americans and all global citizens could take to design sustainable living considerations on Earth.

UNA Wake County Chapter has actively contributed to creating a collective of empowered students and adults to advocate for international cooperation and the core missions of the United Nations. The chapter’s cooperation and dedication have served as inspiration to many — generating extensive interest from not only members of the Wake County community, but all areas of North Carolina.