Chapters Call Out for Support of WHO

UNA-USA members not only believe the UN is important, they believe that U.S. leadership within the UN is important as well. When the U.S administration announced they are halting funding for the World Health Organization (WHO), our chapters spoke out about the vital importance of WHO in emails to members and in letters to their local newspapers.

“A recent bipartisan poll found that when it comes to managing the response to international health crises like COVID-19, three-quarters of Americans (77%) trust WHO above all other entities. Americans will be safer and healthier, if people at all corners of the globe continue to have access to the health services of WHO.”
– UNA Maine Chapter. Published in The Times Record.

“WHO has been sounding the alarm since January, sharing data, mobilizing expertise, supporting training of the health workforce at all levels, and using every means available to push intransigent countries to act and to marshal the resources to address the pandemic in poorer countries which are part of our global ecosystem.”
– UNA Westchester Chapter. Published in The Rivertowns Enterprise.

The work that WHO does to provide protective gear and develop vaccines, treatments, and test, among so much more, has a global reach. This effort is integral to fighting pandemics, such as COVID-19, which know no borders.

We need to continue our commitments and the work they support to ensure good health and well being at home and abroad. Our voice is one of our most important tools, and we encourage all of our members to add their voice to our collective call to support the WHO and the UN.