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The numbers don't lie

The world’s leading climate scientists are increasingly more certain of the link between human activity and climate change. Without enhancing our efforts to curb emissions, limiting warming to 1.5°C will be out of reach.

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States stepping up

Governors have stepped up in the fight against climate change. Data indicates that all countries need to triple their commitments made under the Paris Agreement if we are to limit climate change from causing even greater global catastrophe. That’s why passionate citizens and forward thinking state leaders are taking matters into their own hands.

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“Today, I am asking for your help in sounding the alarm and highlighting the solutions.”

At the 2019 Global Engagement Summit, UN Secretary-General António Guterres issued a call-to-action for UNA-USA members and citizens of the world: We must all be local leaders in the fight against climate change. Learn more about the UN’s work on climate.




As a UNA-USA advocate, you are a leader in your community. See how our members are taking local action to combat climate change.

Climate Action

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