CSW67 – A HIGHLIGHT OF 2023 by Kate Mallory

In March 2023, I was thrilled to learn that I had been chosen to attend CSW67 as a delegate representing UNA-USA. Attending high-level events at the United Nations like CSW has long been a dream of mine. Providing women with a place at the decision-making table is essential to building a world where human rights are respected. This precedent is especially pressing in the digital era that poses both benefits and detriments to the advancement of women’s rights. There were many interesting and informative events. Here are five I found especially insightful.

1. “What’s Next for Women and Girls in Afghanistan? Practical Ways Forward: Inclusive and Quality Education” hosted by the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the UN. This event featured insight from the Director of UN Women, the Director of Gender Equality at UNESCO, and the Women’s Forum for Afghanistan.

First and foremost, we need to stand in solidarity with women in Afghanistan.

2. “The Next Frontier: Transforming Economies for Gender Equality in the Digital Age”, a High-Level event hosted by the UNDP. The UNDP summarized five ways to improve gender equality in an economic context: using public policy, cultivating universal connections, letting women use digital skills for work, leveraging tech for financial inclusion, and working on collective impact in all spaces.

3. “Gender, Innovation, and the Military: The Benefits of a Human-Rights Based Approach” hosted by Australia, Sierra Leone, and the UN Department of Peace Operations. The military is usually one of a country’s most valuable vessels, and it is essential to integrate human rights principles into these forces. Key points of this discussion were enabling women to be seen, and tailoring military policies to their needs.

4. “Online Safety and Digital Empowerment of Women Journalists” hosted by Slovakia, Czechia, and Austria. The right to free speech and protection of journalists is a cause I feel especially passionate about as a human rights advocate. Protecting journalists and free speech is a task that’s easier said than done. I left this presentation informed on effective steps to ensure female journalists are able to do their job without harassment including fostering a safer cyberspace, defending democracy, and supporting mental health.

5. “Creation of an Innovation Fund to Alleviate Female Poverty and Enhance Women and Girls’ Innovation Capability” hosted by The Gambia and UNESCO. This event caught my eye as I was curious to gain insight about how different nations are giving girls a chance at innovation and technology. Gambia shared their knowledge about funding innovation, and integrating STEM in girls’ classrooms. They also gave out some event favors! Thank you, Gambia!


It is essential to listen to women when galvanizing to make education and technology more inclusive. Furthermore, we need to allocate as much funding as possible to STEM programs for women and write policies to pave the way for gender equality. We cannot effectively implement change without listening to the people we aim to serve.

Community Meet-Up
I had the privilege of meeting up with other UNA delegates and UN Foundation staff at the UN Plaza Hotel! It was wonderful to connect with other delegates from around the country and engage with UNA-USA in person.

UNA Women
My time at CSW67 came to a close with UNA Women’s Parallel Event, “Women Know What Women Need: Femtech Healthcare Innovations and Technologies”. I learned about Femtech and the ways it contributes to gender equality and healthcare access, among other positives that build
a better world.