Decolonizing Model UN

For years the Model has been perpetuated by inequities – most high-performing MUN programs are based in high-income public or private schools. The activity is one of the most expensive, requiring additional funds for travel expenses, Western Business Attire, training resources, etc. Students should have access to MUN programming.

Students from low-income schools can benefit from the skills gained through MUN such as speaking and writing, as well as the opportunity to discuss important issues that they face in their own communities. The Model UN community would be a better place with the input and experiences of these students! This disparity should be recognized by the United Nations by developing a special task force to work with local chapters to create partnership programs with local inner-city schools to provide opportunities for students to become future delegates.

These opportunities can be provided by training club sponsors and providing funding opportunities for conferences, school activities, and guest speakers. Teachers have the motto “each one teach one” this couldn’t be more true when dismantling disparities. We need those who are privileged to help break down oppressive systems by reaching back and pulling others up!