Aunt Flo, Red October, Moon Time

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Let’s Talk Menstruation – Shall We?!

Roughly half of the female population – about 26% of the global population – are of reproductive age.

Despite the fact that 800 million women and girls menstruate every day, menstruation remains shrouded in silence and taboos around the world. Women and girls lack dedicated, integrated services and information to menstruate in dignity, obstructed not only by lacking infrastructure, including the fact that one in three women live without a decent toilet, but also deeper challenges of gender norms, myths, and stigma.

Meet our community partner, CouldYou?Cup who not only distributes menstruation cups to marginalized girls/women around the world – including within the U.S. – they actively seek to break with the stigma surrounding menstruation as their representative, Nadja Umerkajeff outlined to us during our recent conversation.

Event is FREE TO PUBLIC, everyone is welcome. Please use the RSVP link as seating is limited.