Economic Women Empowerment Starts at Home. Addressing structural barriers to achieve gender equality by 2030

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02:30 pm


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2:30-4:00 PM

Hosted by UNA- San Diego

Main Objective: 

Under the umbrella of the 25th year revision of Beijing Platform for Action, the main objective of this panel is to host panelists from academia, private business, national policy makers and international organization to explore advances in women access to equal opportunities since 1995. Focusing specifically on access to decent employment, social security networks and time use distribution related to domestic work, the panelists exchange best practices and outline challenges to seek and inform lasting solutions to be implemented within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Panelists Include

-Laura Addati, Policy Specialist Women’s Economic Empowerment, ILO

-Coach Stevan Lynn, Founder, Deeds Drien Dads

-Shea Gopaul, Special Representative to the UN, International Organization of Employers.

Call to Action: 

We are calling for the national governments, businesses and civil society to address time use inequalities that continue to organize daily life and the economy as a whole.

With this panel we wish to promote engagement and cross-sectorial partnerships with the private sector, civil society and local governments to implement effective strategies to focus on providing access to decent employment, social security networks that absorb care needs, and to remove gender stereotypes within households.

Achieving real gender equality by 2030 requires all sectors of society to work together in forging partnerships and implementing systemic changes – economic, political and social – to collectively commit to effectively advancing women’s human rights.