Marco Polo: The The Silk Road & China: The UN in Action

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Thomaston Public Library 248 Main Street Thomaston, CT



Images of the ancient Silk Road and the medieval journel of Marco Polo fascinating images of caravans of camels navigating long stretches of desert, caravanserai hosting a veritable Babel of tongues and cooperation midst diversity as traders, diplomats and adventures came in contact. The UN is far from an office building in Manhattan, but alive, in action, rooted across a continent in which China reimagines the ancient routs at sea, on ice and through cyberspace. Dr. Baxer, following an immersion in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, will explore the vitality and promise of the UN in action.


Free and open to the public. Registration is recommended but not required. Please call or visit the library to register at 860.283.4339.