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Join UNA-USA’s Passport session on “Partnerships for World Health Day” on April 7th, 2021, prepared by the organization’s SDG 17 Global Goals Ambassadors. This program will demonstrate the power and importance of partnerships for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will provide a real-life example of how everyday citizens can contribute to and get involved in the attainment of the SDGs. The webinar will showcase a real example of partnership creation and will demonstrate how organizations, individuals, and experts can be part of the mission for the improvement of global health.

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Keynote speakers Dr. Meena Cherian (Director of the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research) and Dr. Synho Do (Director, Harvard Medical School-Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation), will give an introduction on the state of global health and will share their vision for public health. Following the keynote, high school students from ‘Teach Tech Academy’, whose mission is to improve the health of vulnerable populations via education, will present their project idea to a panel of experts. The youth presentation will include the following: 1) an example of an unorthodox way of contributing to the betterment of global health by non-health professionals and 2) obtain a series of opportunities and secrets by global health leaders about a career in public health through a ‘live interview.’

The experts will then share their professional experiences and provide an overview of resources and career-tips they can offer as a partner. Partnerships are essential to achieving the SDGs, and this program will offer examples of how experts from various industries and generations can work together.

This is an event that will educate, empower and inspire the next generation!

Featured Speakers

Dr. Synho Do is Director of the Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation (LMIC). He has a MS in Electrical Engineering (cryptosystem analysis) and a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering (nonlinear biological system analysis). As a NIH T32 fellow, Dr. Do received clinical training in the Cardiac MR PET CT program, He then built his team of scientists, clinicians, and mentors as an instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Medical Director for Advanced Health Technology Engineering, Research, and Development within the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO). His research interests are healthcare data machine learning, high performance computing, nonlinear system identification, complex system modeling, and clinical workflow understanding.


Dr Meena Nathan Cherian completed her medical studies from Christian Medical College Ludhiana, Punjab, India. She worked in remote India as medical officer in a Rural Mission Hospital and independently performed surgery for obstetrics and gynecology cases. Later she specialized in anesthesiology from Christian Medical College Hospital Vellore, India and continued as professor in the faculty.

She trained, worked, and taught anesthesia in several countries, USA (Johns Hopkins Hospital), Southeast Asia and Africa. She worked at the World Health Organization Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, as the Emergency and Essential Surgical Care Program Lead where she created the ‘surgical and anesthesia care’ program resulting in the first World Health Assembly Resolution on ‘Emergency and Essential Surgical Care and Anesthesia in the context of Universal Health Coverage’.

She has been a consultant at the Institute for Global Health, School of Medicine Catholic University of Korea, Seoul in the Essential Surgical Care for Primary Health Care Strengthening in Nepal (Post-earthquake Gorkha Region) project.

Currently, she is: Hon. Prof. at the University of Western Ontario, WHO Collaborating Centre, Canada; Senior Advisor, Global Action, International Society of Geriatric Oncology, Switzerland; Director, Emergency and Surgical Care program, Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Joyce Moon Howard’s work and career is rooted in the community healthcare movement, where she witnessed the transformative power and positive impact of neighborhood and community action on healthcare.

Through community-based participatory research (CBPR), she facilitates cooperation between researchers and community members to understand community needs and concerns, create lasting bonds that build trust, and empower communities to take action. While working in rural Tanzania on needs assessment, she engaged community members and employed qualitative strategies, such as photovoice (a research technique where community members photograph scenes to describe a particular problem and/or research theme) and focus groups, to create a space for open dialogue among community members and researchers to effectively address health needs. Further, she has served as Principal Investigator in several research studies: Health Resources and Services Administration study on eliminating disparities among pregnant women in low-income areas in New York City; a National Institute of Child Health and Infant Development study focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention strategies in African American communities; and National Institute on Aging study examining facilitators and barriers to CBPR at the Columbia University Medical Center.

As a professor, Dr. Moon Howard shares her research experiences with students in Community Assessment and Evaluation courses and in an undergraduate course, Health, Society, and the Global Context.

Attorney Sam Stewart grew up on a farm in central New Jersey.  He holds a B.A. in Communications and a Baccalaureate Degree in the Honors Program from the College of New Jersey and a Juris Doctor Degree from Rutgers School of Law, Camden.  He was admitted to the New Jersey State Bar in 1995. After 7 years in private practice, Sam joined the New Jersey Department of Health in 2003, serving as a Regulatory Officer in the Office of Emergency Medical Services. For the past 11 years, Sam has worked in the Office of the Commissioner. He is skilled at coalition building and focuses his efforts on public health and safety and ensuring that the delivery of healthcare in New Jersey is of the highest quality.  He writes chapters of the New Jersey Administrative Code, interagency agreements, enforcement actions, corresponds with constituents, meets with stakeholders, advises high level officials, and acts as a liaison to the Office of the Attorney General. Sam has been heavily involved in COVID-19 response efforts through administration of the Emergency Health Powers Act.

Anthony Jennings is a Special Agent (SA) with the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Department of Justice in Newark, New Jersey, and has over twenty-four years of law enforcement field experience as a Police Officer; County Detective, Military Police Officer and Federal Agent. SA Jennings is currently the Recruitment Coordinator for DEA New Jersey Division; in charge of the entire application process for Special Agents throughout the state of New Jersey. He also oversees the Voluntary College Student Internship Program.

Anthony was born and raised in the Vailsburg section of Newark, New Jersey by a single Mother, Rose Lee Jennings. His uncle Roscoe Jennings, who helped raise him, was the original co-founder of the Chrispus Attucks Parade committee which is currently known as the African American Heritage Parade that is celebrated in the City of Newark every Memorial Day weekend.  His mom Rose always shared stories with him about the great culture in Newark, especially hanging out at the popular jazz clubs in Newark with her best friend legendary Jazz singer Sarah Vaughn.

Special Agent Jennings has over twenty-three years of service in the United States Army and is retired Lieutenant Colonel (former Battalion Commander) in the United States Army Military Police Corps. He also served as Military Police Commander in Charge of 100 Military Police (MP) personnel providing Force Protection and law enforcement operations throughout Fort Dix and McGuire AFB, New Jersey in support of “Operation Noble Eagle.” Mr. Jennings performed his staff time as a Major, at the Pentagon, HQ’s Dept. of Army, where he authored Appendix L Army Regulation 220-1. Colonel Jennings has commanded over 500 soldiers in his military career. He is a graduate of Military Police Officer Basic and Advance Course, the Army Combined Services Staff School and also a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, KS. SA Jennings has received over 20 different Military Awards, Service medals, and commendations.

As a Special Agent with DEA, SA Jennings has been the primary case agent, undercover officer on several complex and International Priority Target investigations; throughout NY, PA and NJ. SA Jennings has also been the affiant on several federal Title III investigations.

SA Jennings has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Michigan University and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from New Mexico Military Institute. In June 2009, SA Jennings became the first member from the US NJ Drug Enforcement Administration to serve as a Squad Coordinator at Top Gun which is a state certified law enforcement course by NJ Attorney General’s Office (Investigating and Prosecuting Gangs, Drug cases). In 2014, SA Jennings became a member of Berkley College Criminal Justice Advisory Board Committee.

During the past 8 years, SA Jennings has hired 56 Special Agent applicants. A total of forty-four (56 percent) have been minorities and females from different cultural diverse backgrounds. Additionally, he has hired approximately 200 college interns, in which approximately 25 to 30 percent have been minority/female students. In July 2018, SA Jennings was voted the TOP RECRUITER in 2018 and 2020, by DEA Headquarters’ Nationwide out of all 23 Field Divisions and also received the Federal Executive Board Equal Employment Employee Award. In 2021, Anthony was selected by the DEA Administrator in Washington DC to be a member of the Diversity Executive leadership committee.

Throughout his career in Newark, New Jersey, Mr. Jennings has been a positive role model to all citizens. He has mentored and provided guidance to elementary, high school and college students from Newark, NJ and other urban cities in NJ; on how to thrive through adversity and ultimately becoming successful in life.

Special Agent Jennings is also the certified Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor and EEO Coordinator for the DEA New Jersey Division.

Robert Cartwright Jr. is the Division Manager of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability for Bridgestone Retail Operations-Northeast Division. He oversees over 470 locations in 14 states, directing all safety and compliance programs. In addition to his work career, Mr. Cartwright has been actively involved with RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society) at both Society and Chapter levels for 20 years, serving in various roles as director and officer for Delaware Valley RIMS Chapter, then moving onto the Global Board of Directors for RIMS in 2008.  He subsequently served on several committees overseeing Conference Planning, RIMS operations in Canada, Membership/Chapter services and Governmental/External Affairs.

Mr. Cartwright advanced through multiple Board Officer positions, and in 2018, was elected to lead the Global Board of Directors as President/Chairman of the Board.  He also was Chair of the RIMS Political Action Committee for 3 years and led them to their largest number of contributors in their 8 year history. After serving as President, as Ex-Officio in 2019, he was asked to lead a newly appointed council for RIMS that focused on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. He led that group for 2 years to complete his term and continues to support the RIMS Society in other efforts related to that cause.

Mr. Cartwright has served on 3 other Boards to further expand his experience with organizing and creating structure within their processes. With over 50 Presentations, Articles and Media Contributions to his credit on topics as Workplace Violence, Return to Work Programs, ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) and Safety Programs, Robert has also spoken on risk management practices at numerous Universities, the National WC Seminar in Chicago, the CWC &Risk Conference in California and other various conferences within the United States. Mr. Cartwright is also an established International Speaker on topics related to Diversity, Equity &Inclusion, Mentorship and Risk Management practices, sharing his knowledge in Japan, Mexico, China, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He continues to be interviewed and quoted in local/national and international publications.


Samuel Jebaraj – President

Samuel Jebaraj is a sophomore in high school living in San Jose, California. Interested in different areas of business and technology, he has initiated some projects and been involved in clubs. He also has competed in some programming and business competitions like USACO, DECA, and ACSL.

Sherwin Dinakar – Vice President

Sherwin Dinakar is a Freshman at American High school in Fremont, California. I am a very interested in the two topics of technology and aeronautical engineering. I have taken courses for both topics and have gotten certification for completing courses on these two topics. I also have experience in many coding languages such as C, Java and Python.

Nathanael SureshSecretary: Nathanael Suresh is a Freshman at Adrian Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, California. I am knowledgeable in Java and Scratch. I am currently taking a Java course at Mission College. My objective during this session is to help these new coders understand different programming languages and guide them as they learn new topics throughout the entirety of this program.