The World and US

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Westport Library Room 216 (McCall Room) 20 Jesup Road Westport, CT 06880



Every third Wednesday from 10-11:30am until December 18, 2019.

Meet monthly to explore and discuss selected articles from The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek and Mother Jones. We will look at US relationships with the world’s people, countries and organizations on issues of economy, technology, regulation, politics, society and environment. Alex Anvari, president of UNA SW CT, will facilitate this discussion where all points of view are respected. Magazines will be available through the Library’s digital magazine app Flipster or copies available at the Library. Selected articles to read in advance of the discussion will be announced two weeks prior to meeting.

Readings for the July 17 meeting:
Bloomberg Businessweek, issue of June 10, page 12: “Trump Wields the U.S. Economy Against Friend and Foe” by Ben Holland
Bloomberg Businessweek, issue of June 10, page 38: “Spreading Antitrust Fever Sends a Chill Through Big Tech” by Michael Regan
Bloomberg Businessweek, issue of June 17, 2019, page 24:  “Our Next Cold War Won’t Look Much Life the Old One” by Marc Champion
The New Yorker, issue of May 6, page 46: “The Race To Develop the Moon” by Rivka Galchen