UNA Atlanta Chapter and Indian Creek Elementary School

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10:00 am


Indian Creek Elementary School 724 N. Indian Creek Dr., Clarkson, GA 30021



We invite you to join us and attend our free workshops for parents, caregivers, and relatives on how to get healthcare services and mental health services for youths and adults. You will learn tips for oral health, cultural identity, and empowering elementary children to reach their full potential. We will celebrate dignity, equity, and justice for immigrants and refugees.

Featuring Special Guests: 

  • Dr. Devon Horton, Superintendent, DeKalb County School
  • Alexis Stewart, Educator and Founder, Rinnovi Educational
    Consulting (host of workshop, Accessing Mental Health Services
    in Atlanta)
  • Colin R. Gray, Deputy Consul General, British Consulate
    General in Atlanta
  • Emmanuel Miot, Founder & CEO, SocialAim.co (host of
    workshop, Cultural Transition and Identity)
  • Molly Read Woo, Founder, Planet Atlanta (host of workshop,
    Storytelling for Youths)
  • Selin Buyan, Founding Member, United Nations Association
    Campus Chapter at the University of Georgia (host of workshop,
    Navigating the U.S. Healthcare System)
  • Arda Seckiner, UNA-Atlanta Youth Envoy: Global Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being