UN Intern Reflection: Jamarri White, UNA-USA Fellow

Jamarri White serves as Public Information Intern at the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Washington, D.C. Jamarri is supported by a grant from the UNA-USA Fellowship Initiative.


Jamarri White

I’m Jamarri White, a graduating senior at Howard University. Currently. I am interning with the United Nations Information Centre in D.C. being sponsored by the UNA-USA foundation. My time with the UN so far has been nothing short of wonderful. I’ve met so many wonderful people from wonderful backgrounds across different cultures. In just my first month I was able to welcome Sigrid Kaag and her delegation to D.C. and shake hands with USG Guy Ryder in the same day! I got to attend the Women’s Foreign Policy Group Panel focused around safeguarding democracy and elections throughout the globe where Senator Klobuchar was the key speaker. Just two days ago we even met with Australian nationals from Bard College, where we spoke to them about opportunities here at the UN! The UNA-USA foundation was able to help me leave my job so that I could be here full time and I am super appreciative. Within the fellowship, I was introduced to an even broader network within the UNA-USA foundation including regions and chapters of many other people all wanting to do their part in helping the world. I am most grateful not only to have obtained the UN internship, but also to the fellowship for allowing me to be able to be there full time, to be introduced to so many people and have the experience of communicating cross-culturally. I am learning so much about the relationships between countries and continents, how the world ecosystem interacts, and so much more that I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to without the help of the foundation.