UN Intern Reflection: Mohan Morusupalli, UNA-USA Fellow

Mohan Morusupalli serves as Public Affairs Intern at the United Nations Information Center (UNIC), with the Department of Global Communications (DGC) of the UN Secretariat in Washington, D.C. Mohan is supported by a grant from the UNA-USA Fellowship Initiative.


Today marks 2 months since the beginning of my internship at the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Washington, DC. My time here has granted me the unique opportunity to delve into the crucial role played by this center in bridging conversations between the United Nations (UN) and the United States. Over the course of my internship, I have gained invaluable insights into the remarkable work carried out by UNIC, deepening my understanding of its significance in global diplomacy and cooperation.

As an intern, I actively participate in the Center’s efforts to inform and engage the public about the UN’s mission, values, and activities. I witness firsthand how the Center facilitates dialogues on pressing global issues, such as peace and security, human rights, sustainable development, and gender equality. Given the unique location of DC, I also get to attend think tank events in the city, professional development workshops, and congressional hearings in the House and Senate on key issues such as human rights and food security. 

I have also been able to observe UNIC’s role as a strong advocate for the UN’s priorities and campaigns. Working closely with the staff, I am able to witness the power of strategic partnerships with government entities, academic institutions, civil society organizations, and the private sector. These collaborations effectively amplify the UN’s messages and generate substantial support for its initiatives in the United States. Contributing to these advocacy efforts deepened my understanding of the importance of partnerships in driving positive change.

Additionally, my internship experience has enlightened me about the importance of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through various campaigns, educational initiatives, and digital platforms, I can observe how the Center inspires individuals and organizations to actively contribute to the SDGs. As someone who has always been passionate about promoting the SDGs in my own community, I found the work of promoting these goals on a global scale to be deeply meaningful and impactful. 

One aspect that continues to stand out to me during my internship is the Center’s dedication to enhancing digital outreach. Engaging with the Center’s website, social media platforms, and multimedia content, I recognize the power of these digital channels in disseminating information and fostering connections. Participating in the creation of online content and observing the engagement it garners reinforces the importance of digital platforms in expanding the reach of the UN’s work.

The opportunities to inform and engage the public, advocate for the UN’s priorities, promote the Sustainable Development Goals, and enhance digital outreach have deepened my understanding of the Center’s significance. This internship has not only nurtured my passion for global issues but has also motivated me to actively contribute to creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world in line with the UN’s overall mission.