Fully Funding the UN is a Bargain for Americans—Just Look to the Facts

The average American pays just $1.86 each year in taxes to cover the United States’ regular budget dues to the United Nations. In return, Americans get a lot of bang for their buck: The UN makes the U.S. and the world safer, healthier, and more peaceful and prosperous.

Comprised of 193 countries, the UN is a multilateral taskforce for teamwork at the global scale. As the world’s largest economy, the U.S. pays the biggest share of the UN’s budget, covering 22-28% of the funds for key functions such as peacekeeping.

Our nation signed onto this treaty-based commitment when the U.S. Congress ratified the UN Charter in 1945.

It was a bargain then and now: Less than .2% of the federal budget goes toward our regular UN dues and peacekeeping costs.

In return, our financial commitment enables us to address conflicts and humanitarian crises that would be far more costly in blood and treasure if we go it alone. Paying our share awards us priceless leverage on the world stage to advance core values such as gender and LGBTQI equality, basic human rights protections, global security, and more. Take a stand with us.